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jasa iklan facebook

Facebook Ads Services Agency

Social Media Advertising

jasa iklan facebook

Precise Targeting

You can Find Your Target Audience with 91% Accuracy, much higher than 27% with Other Online Media options. We help You Serve Ads More Directly and Faster to Your Target Audience.

Era Of Mobile Device

12M People Use Facebook on Mobile Devices every day. Ads can be served via the Facebook Audience Network in order to reach out to users of all sizes of Mobile Devices, as well as to Increase Exposure.

Powerful Community Platform

By using a Powerful Community Platform, promote via your connections and beyond, and Make Your Fans Your Brand Representatives! We realize the Infinite Possibilities of Brand Effect for you, and your endorsers will be everywhere.

Various Types Of Ads

You Can Mix Pictures and Videos As You Like, and Let Facebook’s Various Types of Advertisement Help You Showcase your Wonderful Brand Stories!

Raise Turnover Rate

Setting up a Complete Ad Structure via Facebook Ads Can Help You Find Potential Customers and secure repo rate!

Comprehensive Optimization

From Target Selection, Target Audience Setting, Material Filter to Measure Results, We Help You Maximize the Effectiveness of Advertising.

Most Accurate Target Audience Setting


” Targeting an Effective Audience “






Custom Audiences

Ad Placement Optimization


” Enhance Reach via Different Ad Placements “


Interstitial Ads

Native Advertising

Popular Types of Facebook Ads


” Promote Your Products with the Most Suitable Option! “

Page Like Ads

Increase Fan Page Likes
Raise Brand Awareness
Accumulate Brand Supporters


Post Ads

Increase Post Exposure
Increase Post Engagement
Guide Users to the Website

App Install Ads

Increase Download
Locate iOS & Android Users
Increase App Usage

Conversion Ads

Increase Online Sales
Attract New Members
Secure Repo Rate

Facebook in Indonesia


” The Largest Online Social Media “

of Internet User Will use Facebook

of Internet User Will use instagram

of Facebook User Will Use Facebook Everyday

of Will Use Facebook By Mobile Devices Everyday

Industry Growth Data


” In Tomato Digital, you can find industry data not available elsewhere. “

Consumer Products Industry

Increase Orders by 2,000 within 7 Days; Decrease Conversion Cost by 80%.

Beauty Industry

Increase Number of Fans by 5,000 within 30 Days; Cut the Cost per Page Likes to 70% Lower Than Other Agencies.

EC Industry

Increase Downloads by 40,000 within 30 Days.

Catering Industry

Increase Page Engagement Count by 1 Million and achieve 38% Engagement Rate within 3 Days.

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About Tomato Digital

Tomato Digital Indonesia is part of Taipei Digital Group, the largest digital ads and marketing business in Taiwan founded in 1996 by Taiwanese entrepreneurs, Sanko Lan. It has received many awards in the business. Tomato Digital Indonesia (www.tomato.co.id) is the official Google Premier SMB Partner in Indonesia.

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