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SEO is complex, but don't worry!

Tomato Digital is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Indonesia with a team of experts that constantly updates their knowledge and skills that follow the latest transforming SEO trends. SEO is a long-term investment for your business growth, make your website as a trusted resource for users.

Increase Website Visibility

With an effective SEO strategy, you can deliver your business value to a relevant audience with specific queries about your product or industry.

Generate Quality Leads

When SEO strategies are used correctly, they increase organic traffic to your website, which results in more leads and customers and, eventually, more sales and business growth.

Maximize PPC Ads

SEO tactics balanced with PPC will have a fantastic effect. If both search results appear on the top page, then your business will not be impressed by only using ads to be at the top.

Search Engine Optimization Factors


Responsive Web Design

User Experience

Content Writing



Local SEO Services for Business and Company Website in Indonesia

Website Optimization

Our SEO- savvy team will help you to optimize your website that fits your company and industry needs so that your website appear higher in search results.

Image Optimization

We will ensure that your website has good SEO performance by delivering high-quality images to give the best user experience and increase user engagement.

YouTube Optimization

We offer YouTube SEO services that encourage clicks and views to your videos by review your current marketing strategy and provide insights for your YouTube channel.

Google Business Profile Optimization

We can help you to build optimization plan for your business profile in Googlee Business Profile so that your business location can be easily found by targeted search phrases and local market.

Curious? Here is how we help your business grow.

Provide Site Audit

Our SEO team will do a detailed analysis periodically to your website page performance and find out what to do to improve your website ranking.

Content Optimization

The more valuable, relevant and readable your content to its users may increase your website ranking in the search result page. Our team will help or give suggestion what content to add in your website.

Custom strategy

We offer strategic support to ensure that you can maximize ROI from SEO. Our team will optimize your website and research keywords that have the opportunity to increase your website ranking.

Off-page optimization

Your company's online visibility and positioning have an influence on your SEO performance. Off-page SEO increases trust with searchers and search engines by constructing links and local citations.

On-page optimization

This broad service category includes any adjustments made to your website, such as on-page SEO techniques including internal link analysis, meta descriptions, and suggestions for web page performance.

Monthly Reports

We provide monthly reports so that you can receive immediate insight into the results of our SEO strategy, which covers website organic traffic, conversion rate and ranking search results.

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