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Show your products or services to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

Did you know that people are always looking for new things to do, places to go, and products to buy? If you can provide those things to them, they'll be more likely to refer your company or product to others. It is recommended to start using Google Ads to your advantage and show off the things that you can offer. You'll gain more exposure for your business and potentially increase your profits!

Google Search Ads

Many businesses would like to know how they can drive more customers, and target the potential customers that will be most likely to convert into paying customers for your business. Google Search Ads allow you to show your Ads to the right customer – by applying the most effective strategies and optimization techniques according to your business goals.

Google Shopping Ads

Have you ever been shopping online, when you see an advertisement pop up for a product that you recently looked at on the website? Show your products on Google Shopping Ads to promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website or local store, and generate leads and sales. Create Ads that are specifically relevant to your products and services.

Google Display Ads

Now more than ever, every business needs to be seen online. Show your business on websites, blogs, and applications on the google display network. Google Display Ads enables you to reach over 90% of Internet users across the globe through multiple variations of your ad, drive highly qualified traffic to your website pages, and get results that matter to your business.

Google App Ads (UAC)

Stop wondering how and get your app reach more paying users through Google properties with Google App Ads. App Ads are able to help you promote your apps across Google’s largest properties including Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover on Google Search, and the Google Display Network. With Google App Ads, you can reach a targeted audience with Ads that are customized by Google. Google will show your Ads to people who search for terms and apps that are relevant to your app.

Google Discovery Ads

Google Discovery Ads are highly effective for reaching more audiences through a single ad. With the ability to reach up to 3 billion people on the YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, Discover, and the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs — you can use Google Discovery Ads to reach more potential customers as they browse everything from the latest online trends to DIY ideas videos on the Google properties.








Google Ads Agency in Indonesia

It's All About The Right Fit

We understand that every type of business is different. Because of that, we make a digital marketing solution that is suitable for your business’ marketing goal.

Real Solutions, Real Results

We offer all-in-one digital marketing services, from tracking the ROI of your company's website to providing comprehensive digital marketing reports.

You're More Than A Number

Communication is a must. We make sure to update your digital ads and digital marketing strategy regularly and transparently with you, so you can understand your company's digital marketing process.

We Educate, Not Complicate

We think it is important to nurture the relationships we have with our clients. That’s why we take it seriously to educate on how digital marketing solutions work and fit in with your business marketing goals.

We Are Here to Shake Things Up

Our mission is to be as transparent as possible and explain what we do and why we are doing it to the clients.

Achieve digital marketing goals together.

We are dedicated to accompanying your digital marketing business journey from start to finish and achieving your business marketing goals together.

Tomato Digital Indonesia is Google Ads Agency based in Indonesia. We assist various types of businesses in launching their digital ads campaign and do optimization to make sure the ads budget is spent-wisely. Contact our digital marketing consultant team now and grow your business with us!

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