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Data-Driven Google Ads Management

Are you a business owner in Indonesia? Did you know that more than 92% of users will choose a business on the first page of Google search results? The top three search results on the first page are dictated by Google Ads and no other form of advertising has the level of measurability that Google Ads does – every click, every dollar spend on every keyword can be tracked to an event such as a phone call or conversion. When we talk about Google Ads, not only Google Search Results, there are a few different networks that make up the Google Ads platform and we are going to break them down for you.

Google Search Network

Google Search Network allows a business to show text ads to customers when they are searching a specific keyword on Google. With Google Ads, you pay per click for your chosen keywords and bid in an online auction for a place in the search results. The amount you pay per click will be determined by a variety of things such as the level of competition, how relevant your ads are compared to your competition, and your website performance.

Google Shopping Network

For those businesses that sell a product, the Google Shopping Network provides an opportunity to pull a list of your products from your website and upload them to the Google Merchant Center. Your product title and description will become your keywords and will be triggered to show up when someone is searching for them. The best part about Google Shopping Ads is that before you pay for a click through to your website, you already get to display your product and its price to the customer. This makes it more likely that you only pay for clicks that will result in a sale.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network is made up of many websites that have partnered with Google to include display advertisements within them. Examples of these websites include directories like or news sites such as You can target where your ads are placed by matching your customers' interests with the content of the websites.

YouTube Advertising

Video Advertising is one of the most promising forms of branding and targeting for your brand. It helps your brand to be known and even tap into a bigger international audience. Video Advertising is the way forward, so if you don’t recognize its value, you’ll be missing out on opportunities to grab your users’ attention. With us, advertising on YouTube is cost-effective, simple to run, and we will help you to create a lasting impression on your viewers.

Google Remarketing

Have you ever left a website only to be followed around on the internet by display ads for that site? If you are nodding your head right now, then you have experienced what’s called remarketing. Remarketing is done with a piece of code that you place on your website, so when people visit your website it leaves a digital cookie on their browser. You can then use these cookies to follow your visitors around. You can refine your audience based on actions that your customers do or don’t do on your website and create ads targeted specifically based on those actions.

Google My Business

Build up a visual directory listing to boost your authority and credibility to Google instantly and your users with Google My Business. We use Google to verify and upload listing the ethical way. Our tactics put your right in front of your target audience, so you can stand out and bring customers in as they search for businesses like yours through Google Search and Google Maps.

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We understand that every business is different. So rather than the cookie cutter approach to marketing, we tailor a marketing plan that suits YOU.

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Ultimately, our goal is results. We offer full-scale digital marketing services that include tracking your ROI with comprehensive reporting, so you will know precisely what you are getting from our marketing plan.

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Communication is paramount. We make it our mission to partner with our clients, ensuring you are updated regularly, so you feel as much a part of the process as we are.

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