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Google Search Ads brings image extensions to desktop devices

Learn new functions on Google Search Ads, Image Extensions. Contact Tomato Digital Indonesia for more information.

Google Ads will replace Smart Shopping and Local Ads campaigns with Performance Max campaigns

Learn new information regarding new type of Google Ads, Performance Max Campaigns updates for your business digital ads

Google Universal Analytics will no longer be available and ready to switch to Google Analytics 4

Google announced that Google Universal Analytics will no longer be available and ready to switch to Google Analytics 4

Tomato Digital Indonesia Announcement

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Tomato Digital Indonesia has several changes.

Google predicts some changes caused by pandemic will be permanent

Because of Covid-19, everything changes rapidly in our life. But, Google predicts some changes will be permanent forever.

Social Media Marketing Ads Indonesia for UMKM!

As Social Media Marketing Agency Indonesia, Tomato Digital provides Social Media Marketing Ads, such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to promote UMKM.

5 trends that can change the retail industry in the future

Learn how the new trends will change the retail industry in the future and how your business can survive on new technology!

Google Ads will stop Expanded Text Ads (ETA) in June 2022

Starting from July 2022, the digital marketing agency will no longer be able to create new ETAs in Google Ads.

Social Media Management Package 2022 Tomato Digital Indonesia

Tomato Digital Marketing Agency Indonesia has a new social media management services promo for small business and UKM in Indonesia. Contact us now!

Let’s combine traditional marketing and digital marketing together for your business!

Not only focus on digital marketing, we also must focus on attracting other types of people. So learn how to combine the traditional and digital together.

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