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Social Media Marketing

With high-quality management, create high adhesion and high attention, obtain a reach rate above the average, and maximize brand exposure through Social Media.

Strategy and Roadmap

We will work with you to identify the overarching social media goals you want to achieve by conducting a full analysis of your target market, competitors, identifying which social media channels are suited to your business and how we can track your success.

Content Development and Implementation

By understanding your target market and goals, our team will make an action plan for developing and implementing social media content that your customers and potential customers will love and engage with.

Community Development and Management

Our team will educate you on the best practice of community engagement and work with you to roll out an effective communication management strategy for your business to ensure you are consistently responding and listening to your customers.

Advertising and Promotion

Help you to develop and implement effective promotions across suitable social channels and leverage the best advertising opportunities for your brand.

The Most Accurate Audience Setting







The Power of Social Media Marketing

People are increasingly turning to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for trending news and sales information.

Increase Brand Awareness

Social Media has become part of people's daily routine. Not only help increase your business brand exposure, social media can also help you to increase engagement with your potential customers.

Attract New Customers

Since social media has various ads format, this could help you to target and promote quickly, effectively, and help you to find new and right potential customers.

Build a Community of Supporters

Social media can increase the brand’s appeal in front of your customers. Through social media, get your potential loyal customers who will always support your brand now!

Increase Your Followers and Engagement on Facebook and Instagram

Tomato Digital‘s social media experts can assist you in devising a plan of how to approach social media tools and hopefully increase revenue for your business.
If you are not sure how to expand your audience on Facebook, need more information on Facebook Advertising, or want to understand about Social Media Marketing in general, contact us today and see how we can help you.

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