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Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol or known as Ancol Dreamland is an integral part of Ancol Bay City, a resort destination located along Jakarta's waterfront, in Ancol (Kelurahan), Pademangan, Indonesia. It is owned by PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk, a subsidiary of Pembangunan Jaya Group. Ancol Dreamland is currently the largest integrated tourism area in South East Asia, boasting a theme park, Sea World, Atlantis Water Adventures, Ocean Dream Samudra, and other recreational facilities.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (People's Bank of Indonesia, commonly known as BRI or Bank BRI) is one of the largest and oldest banks in Indonesia. It is currently 70% government owned operating company. Specialises in small scale and microfinance style borrowing from and lending to its approximately 30 million retail clients through its over 4,000 branches, units and rural service posts. It also has a comparatively small, but growing, corporate business.

Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH)

Pelita Harapan University (UPH) is one of biggest private universities in Indonesia. UPH is part of the Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan (YPPH), has 14 undergraduate programs located in Tangerang, Surabaya and Medan, 8 masters programs in Semanggi, Jakarta and doctoral studies as well, with a Teachers College, an International Teachers College, a prominent university, and a medical college. All majors at Pelita Harapan University (UPH) have an A accreditation.

ESMOD Jakarta

ESMOD is a famous fashion school with 23 school branches in 15 countries around the world. Mrs. Hartini Hartarto brought ESMOD to Jakarta in 1996, after observing the interest in skills and fashion among Indonesian young adults. With ESMOD Jakarta, she wants to pave the way for a professional fashion education and an opportunity to compete in the global market.

Y.O.U Makeups

Y.O.U is a beauty brand in Indonesia under PT HEBE BEAUTY STYLE from Thailand which offers high-quality beauty products that suit the needs of women in this era, so that every woman can find the best version of herself, more confident and innovative. Y.O.U with the tagline "Long-lasting Beauty" offers a complete range of beauty products from makeup and skincare.

Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa

Inspired by the charm of Taman Sari, PT. Mustika Ratu, the largest beauty company in Indonesia, founded Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa which opened at the Sheraton Mustika Hotel Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 1997, then Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa Jakarta, Indonesia, in September 2000. Enjoy a traditional Javanese spa as well as jamu for more relaxes body and mind.

Fujifilm Indonesia

PT Fujifilm Indonesia or known as Fujiflm is a subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. A multinational company who has eight unit of business in Photography, Electronic Imaging (Camera and Lens), Photo Printing, Graphic Art, Medical, Industrial Products, Life Science, Recording Media and Optical Device headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Samyang Foods

Samyang Foods Industrial Co., Ltd is an international South Korean food manufacturer and the first instant ramen company in South Korea. Samyang Foods Co., Ltd has established a thorough quality management system so that consumers can trust its products by being certified by qualified international offices (KOLAS, ISO22000, HALAL, and HACCP).


Flynn is a restaurant and bar which is also a favorite hangout place for youngsters in Jakarta. Flynn provides a wide variety of food and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Not only that, Flynn also provides live music services, such as jazz and band performances. Flynn has also held special events such as Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and many more.

Yayasan UICCI (United Islamic Cultural Center of Indonesia)

The United Islamic Cultural Center of Indonesia (UICCI) is an Islamic social non-profit organization founded in 2005 by Indonesian and Turkish Muslim volunteers based in Istanbul Turkey. The UICCI Foundation oversees the Sulaimaniyah Islamic Boarding School which has been spread across several regions of Indonesia and also in almost all countries in the world.


BANOBAGI is a trusted plastic surgery hospital in South Korea and also one of the most visited plastic surgery hospitals all over Korea with patients from various country, including Indonesia. BANOBAGI has become the official medical organization on a show, Let Me In. BANOBAGI will firmly reject excessive surgery or surgery that is not necessary for the benefit of the Hospital and strive to realize the value of beauty according to medical norm.

President University

President University is one of the best private universities in Indonesia with A accreditation. President University offers strong international learning and research environment. Currently, President University has four faculties, such as Faculty of Business, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Humanities. The lectures at President University all are carried out in English.

Irwan Team

Irwan Team Hair Salon is one of the biggest and most famous beauty salon in Indonesia. Having a salon branch in a shopping center in Jakarta, Irwan Team Hair Salon offers a wide range of professional services, such as Hair Cut, Permanent Blow Dry, Smoothing, Make Up, and many more. Not only that, Irwan Team Hair Salon also sells various kinds of high quality hair products.


Gree Electric Appliances Indonesia is an international air conditioning manufacturer that combines research and development, marketing and integrated services. With "Master of Core Technology" as the business concept and "To build a centenary enterprise" as the development target. This makes Gree the leader of the air conditioning industry with excellent product quality, advanced technology and unique sales.


PT Enzym Biotechnology Internusa was founded in 2000 as a company for the manufacture, development and marketing of Enzim toothpaste. Enzim toothpaste is a pioneer in the field of toothpaste manufacturing that emphasizes biotechnology because every Enzim toothpaste contains active enzymes and beneficial proteins and does not contain detergents at all.

Swiss German University (SGU)

Swiss German University (SGU) was founded in 2000 and became the first International University recognized by the Indonesian Government, the Ministry of National Education (DIKNAS). SGU was formed in collaboration between Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland and Austria with the aim of bringing a strong international focus and promoting knowledge and technology in the higher education system in Indonesia. SGU offers 11 undergraduate programs and 3 master programs.

Rianty Batik

Rianty Batik is Indonesian fashion brand, inspired by the beauty of Indonesia’s Batik material. Rianty Batik collection for adults such as shirt, hem, dresses, skirt, vest, and blouse. Rianty Batik present for fashion lover who want look stylish and attractive in traditional piece, bring the nation’s cultural heritage to the surface through modern fashion. What makes Rianty Batik so special is the refined quality between fabric, texture, and color in every collection.

Asuransi Central Asia (ACA)

PT Asuransi Central Asia (ACA) is a company engaged in insurance. ACA's main insurance products are Motor Vehicle Insurance, Property Insurance, and Micro Insurance such as Dengue Fever Insurance. And also other products that suit public's needs, like Engineering Insurance, Transportation, Ship Frame, Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, Women's Cancer Insurance, Financial Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Crops Insurance and other insurance products.

Era Indonesia

ERA Indonesia is a well-known property agent office in Indonesia with a franchise system. Currently, ERA Indonesia has more than 114 property agent offices and more than 6,500 brokers spread across major cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bogor, Cibubur, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Solo, Malang. and Denpasar.

Kawan Lama

PT Kawan Lama Sejahtera is one of the largest and well-known industrial equipment and machine distribution companies in Indonesia. With more than half a century of experience, Kawan Lama provides only the best industrial tools, such as construction equipment, automotive and many more. Not only that, Kawan lama also has 19 branches throughout Indonesia.


Pusat Peragaan Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi or abbreviated as PP-IPTEK is a means of learning the culture of science and technology outside of schools that was founded by the Minister of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie and inaugurated by President Soeharto on April 20, 1991. PP-IPTEK is located on the main axis of the TMII complex facing the Non-Aligned Summit Monument Peace Plaza.


Dermaster Indonesia is a well-known beauty clinic in Indonesia. Experienced in making facial countouring more ideal and perfect, Dermaster Indonesia provides a variety of professional treatments, such as Plasma Laser, Mesoline, Pluryal Skin Booster and many more. Dermaster Indonesia also has more than 30 expert doctors who have high competence and are always developing to improve the quality of service to patients.

Pasar Komoditi Nasional (Paskomnas)

The National Commodity Market (Paskomnas) Indonesia is a company engaged in the development of the Main Market network. Paskomnas aims to develop sustainable national distribution channels for food commodities from production centers to distribution centers. The main infrastructure for Paskomnas is in the form of a wholesale market positioned in big cities as a medium for national price formation.

Bali Island School (BIS)

Bali International School (BIS) opened in September 1985 and is the oldest school in Bali also is the only school on the island authorized to offer the full International Baccalaureate Programme. Not only that, BIS is the first school on the island to initiate and organize many events including Bali Maths Competition, Bali School Sports Association (BSSA), and many more.

Badan Wakaf Al- Quran

The Al Qur'an Waqf Board is a foundation that aims to invite people to waqf so that the results can be used on an ongoing basis to overcome various problems faced by other Muslim families such as poverty, health, education and other general benefits with a Amanah spirit, Kafa'ah, and whole-hearted to provide benefits that will continue to flow the rewards and blessings.

PT Wacana Prima Sentosa (Aki Massiv)

PT Wacana Prima Sentosa is the main distributor of Aki Massiv in Indonesia. Massiv is the best battery product made in Indonesia, has already passed SNI and TUV Nord certification. Massiv has received many awards including the Primaniyarta Indonesian Export Award with the Outstanding Performance Exporter 6 times from 2008 to 2014.

Gapura Virtual Office

Gapura Office provides comprehensive services for the needs of entrepreneurs to start their business. To build a startup, should prepare some documents as a condition for filing business legality. However, if having limited costs, other alternatives are needed. And now the Gapura Office has received a permit from PTSP Jakarta as register place for a business domicile permit. Besides, Gapura Office also provides virtual office, shared office, etc.

ATS Vacation

ATS Vacation is one of the largest tour and travel agents in Indonesia. ATS Vacation provides a variety of services, namely Group Tour Packages, Individual Tours, Cruise Packages, Hotel Reservations and Airplane Tickets, and many more. ATS provides Tour Packages for countries in the world, such as the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and many more.

Centre Park

CentrePark is a national-scale Company in parking services and management industry, with modern and advanced technology giving wide-range products system for various needs of parking solution with precise and suitable implementation. CentrePark develop sophisticated online parking system which shall be well integrated to all parking hardware and may be adjusted to the requirement of each client. CentrePark has been working in 34 cities and more than 300 projects in Indonesia.

PT Chakraprima Gitanusa

PT Chakraprima Gitanusa is an authorized agent of ABUS Cranes Germany in Indonesia. Chakraprima Gitanusa project spans across various industries, such as automotive, oil and gas, shipping, paper mill, agriculture and many more. Chakraprima Gitanusa headquartered in Jakarta, has a workshop located in Cikarang and also provide service crane all over Indonesia.

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