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Best SEO Services in Jakarta

SEO is a practice of increasing the ranking of a website through SERP (Search Engine Result Page) on search engines, such as Google, based on several keywords related to the content on a website. However, SEO not only about increasing ranking but also improving website structure to increase User Experiences (UX); so the visitors can be more comfortable and can stay longer on a website.

Improve Search Results

50% of users only click on the top search result of the first page and up to 90% users will never go after the second page. So, appearing on the first page of search results is the best way to reach your customers.

Optimization for Search Engines

Google will review your website content and determine your website ranking on search engines based on relevant keywords. Our SEO expert will help you to find the right keywords so that Google can see the excellence of your website.

Multiple Effects

If the search results and search ads appear at the same time, customers will believe that your business is the best, it's like watching a film trailer and then friends around you also recommend this film. The enhanced dual effect makes users more eager to open your website.

The Impactful Factors







Customize SEO Service

Customized SEO

Before your new product is updated, we will do a pre-optimization, so you can get maximum exposure quickly after a new product is up. Search keywords that are chosen by our SEO specialist can give your website a chance of winning.

Complete Analysis Report

We’ll give you a complete analytical report about your website rankings and traffic each month and look for solutions if there are any problems arise. We will do SEO maintenance every month on your website to keep your website in the best condition.

Complete Service Package

Integrate a complete set of SEO services, including a thorough examination of the condition of your website, check your website problems from an SEO technical point of view, and propose a website improvement and optimization plan. Our SEO specialists will provide you a technical consultation and advice on related questions.

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